Work with One Epic Road Trip

If you have already read my “About Me” page, you’ll know that I am Lisa the voice behind One Epic Road Trip, which is a travel and food-focused blog and vlog that aims at being the one-stop website for all things travel and culinary.

I also have two other websites

  • The Daily Cult is an entertainments website for all subjects tv, film and gaming (Launching 30th September 2021)
  • The Epic Creators Academy is a website and podcast for content creators with tips, tutorials and equipment reviews (Launching 30th September 2021).

In addition to all that I have mentioned above, I’m a freelance writer with a number of articles in the process of being published for 2021, as we as a travel documentary filmmaker.

Work with Lisa and One Epic-Road-Trip-Blog

Working with One Epic Road

I truly believe in building long-term relationships with tourism boards, brands and businesses and I always aim to ensure any partnerships and collaborations with those I work with, are pleased with the content that I create.

I have been very fortunate to work with some fantastic brands already as you can see below.

Who I have worked with -one epic road trip

If you recognise the benefit of collaborating with me through One Epic Road Trip or any of my other blogs, I am open to discussing how both of us can benefit from a working relationship.

How We Can Work Together

There are a number of ways in which we can work together, both long term and short term. I’m always open to discussions with sponsors, brands, businesses, and advertisers as long as it is on-brand.

I can also create custom campaigns based on your target audience and campaign needs.

Ways we can work together are;

  • Sponsored press and fam trips and destination campaigns
  • Recipe creation
  • Product Reviews
  • Content Writing
  • Video and drone production
  • Podcast creation
  • Photography
  • Sponsored articles and social media content
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Advertising

Why Work With Me

  • I have over 20 years working within the Travel and Tourism industry in the UK and abroad.
  • Professional and Reliable Partner
  • Continuously learning new skills, such as; video production, photography, SEO and marketing to ensure I am providing the best possible content.
  • Personalised and targeted campaigns to suit your goals

What’s Happening for 2021?

With the current pandemic proving to be the arch-enemy of the Travel industry, travel is proving to be a little difficult to arrange abroad.

Here are a few projects that you may want to work with me on;

  • Food World Tour – Whilst we can’t travel abroad there is no reason we can’t get a taste of some of our favourite destinations. I am creating written and video content, on how to make your own versions of the recipes.
  • The Rise of Gaming Tourism – This is a project that I am really excited about and I will be working with some tourism boards and video game companies (You will see the first series for this in October)
  • Exploring the UK – I will be exploring the UK and highlighting great days out, local guides, where to stay and more.

If you have an idea or a business goal you would like to discuss partnering with me, feel free to email me at Lj(@)oneepicroadtrip(dot)com and I will reply as soon as possible.