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Work with One Epic Road Trip

If you have already read my “About Me” page, you’ll know that I am Lisa the voice behind One Epic Road Trip, a travel and food-focused blog, vlog and by extension a podcast with my One Epic Travel Podcast, that have the goal of being a one-stop shop for all things travel and culinary. As an all-around content creator, I am open to collaborations with brands, destinations and products that fit with my brand and ethics as well as with my audience’s interests. This includes Travel in the UK, abroad and at sea, travel products, foodie experiences, recipe creation, videography and photography. I am always open to discussing other projects and options so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss working with me.

Why Work with One Epic Road Trip

I am passionate about all things travel and food orientated and creating content. I have over 20 years of experience working within the travel industry. Because of this, I see things from both sides of the coin, from a business prospect understanding the marketing side of things and as a travel lover I also see things from a guest experience.

I aim to develop long-lasting working relationships with brands and destinations who are passionate about these things also.

My Audience

My audience is a mixture of long-term readers who were holidaymakers that I had met whilst travelling and working as an entertainment manager in the UK, abroad and at sea whilst the rest of my audience has found my content online which has allowed me to grow my audience steadily.

My audience is predominantly based in the UK, USA and Europe and aged between 18-65+ with an even mix of males and females.

Who I Have Worked With

I can promote your destination, business or product through articles, photography, videography, podcasts and social media. Below is a list of just some of the destinations and businesses that I have worked with in the past.


How We Can Work Together

There are several ways in which we can work together, both long-term and short-term. I’m always open to discussions with destinations, sponsors, brands, businesses, and advertisers as long as it is on-brand.

I can also create custom campaigns based on your target audience and campaign needs.

Ways we can work together are;

If you want to showcase your destination to an audience that not only consumes and engages in my content but also plans their trips based on the experiences I share with them either through my writing, video, photography or podcast content, then please do not hesitate to get in contact as I believe in building long-lasting working relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

My style of travel content is, that I’m all about responsible travel, authentic and unique experiences, culinary journeys, both affordable and luxury travel and a perfect balance between modern, history, culture, nature and off-the-beaten path. My main audience includes solo travellers, families, couples and groups of friends.
Look at the blog and Instagram content I created for the Alcudia, Mallorca campaign in 2022 after accepting an invite from the Tourism Board for 4 days.


I can review your hotel, restaurant, tour/experience, airline, events/festival, product, or brand and share my experiences with my travel and foodie-loving audience.

Take a Look at a few brand collaboration blog posts I created for Water to Go, Simo Solis, and collaboration with Samsung & Three Mobile.

Brand Ambassador

I believe in creating long-lasting partnerships with brands and would love to hear about how we can collaborate on mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships and brand collaborations that I can promote periodically as I travel around the world or while I am recreating recipes.

Each brand ambassadorship can be tailored to suit your brand’s needs and grab my audience’s attention across all the platforms that I use.


Travel and food go hand in hand and I am always looking to recreate my favourite meals from my travels and introduce them and educate my audiences on the history and story behind the recipes I recreate. I would be open to discussing and including your destination’s delicacies in my world food tour, I would also be happy to include products famous to those locations.

My Services

As well as ways for how we can work together mentioned above, I also offer a full range of services as mentioned below to help with all your requirements.


A picture is worth 1000 words and is key to reaching your marketing goals. Let me bring your product or destination to life, through eye-catching visual storytelling to add extra magic to my written content. I can also license my photos for you to use on your websites, social media and marketing campaigns.


I can create written content that encourages an audience to embrace your destination, product or brand that aligns with your mission and goals. Whether it’s a blog post on my website or yours or an article for print, I can create engaging content through storytelling that is optimised for SEO. I can do this through an individual post or a series.

video-production-one-epic-road-trip-blog-work with me

Video has the power to bring a product or destination to life and when done right, it can truly engage an audience. I can create aesthetically pleasing, top-quality video content from trailers, and longer features to shorts for social media. These can be used on my platforms or licensed to you.


One Epic Travel Podcast launching in January 2024, is a podcast that features travel tips, destination inspiration and chats with Travel experts. I offer a number of podcast packages for your destination or brand, such as on-site interviews and custom adverts. My Podcast will be available on all major streaming platforms.


Drone content is an exciting way to give your audience a true birdseye view of any destination or property, and when added to video footage gives content that little extra wow factor. From April 2024, I will be a fully qualified and licensed drone pilot. I’ll be able to offer drone content through images and video.

I can offer a bespoke package, tailored to your brand or destination’s needs and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a content package or an advertising package on one of my platforms, allow me to create something that covers all your marketing goals and needs.

My Other Brands

As well as having One Epic Road Trip and One Epic Travel Podcast, I also have three other brands that may also be of interest to you when it comes to partnering with me on or may appeal to your target audience and marketing goals.


True Crime has become an increasingly popular genre when it comes to content, I myself find the true crime genre fascinating which is what has led me to create my own true crime podcast and YouTube Channel. This will be launching in May 2024.

Epic Creators Academy is a brand that gives content creators reviews of gear and equipment, interviews other content creators and gives tips on how to start content creation. This Blog, YouTube Channel and podcast will be launching In May 2024.

The Daily Cult covers all subjects of entertainment from Theatre, TV, Movies, Gaming and fan culture. We will give detailed reviews, cover events and so much more. This brand will be launching in May 2024 as a Blog and Vlog.

If you would like to get in contact about working together or to request a media kit, please send an email outlining how you would like to collaborate and what you expect from me to lj@oneepicroadtrip.com.