Just To Make It Clear

When I use the phrase ‘I was invited’ it means that I was personally contacted and asked to come to a launch or event to try something in return for my honest feedback. These events may result in some free goodies or free entry but I’ll always be honest & truthful in all my reviews and social media updates I post about the product/event etc. If a post is ‘sponsored’ or a ‘collaboration’ it may mean that I have received something (or the post idea was someone else’s) in return for it to be featured on my site, I will always write a genuine, and honest post about the said product/topic though. If a post is marked with an asterisks (*) then this is a sponsored post which I have received something for, but once again it will always be my genuine feedback. If a post is a guest blog it means that it has been written by someone else (either a fellow blogger, friend or company) these will not be my opinion or written in my own words, these will be clearly labelled and may include a bio and a link back to their site. If I mention a company and add a link in my blog post and state that they have asked me to do something then this will usually mean it is sponsored in some way.

My site may contain some affiliate links, this does not cost you any extra money, it just helps to keep my site going and free for you to read 🙂 These will be marked with an asterisk (*).