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This bit is all about me!

Hey guy's wanna know more about me then please do check, below also click on the Youtube link for my Q&A

Hello! My name is Lisa a.ka. LJ Legend and I would like to welcome you to my blog and tell you a little bit about me and share my adventures in travel, especially for 2019 as I plan to have an Epic Year with my debut novel coming out which is three years in the making, I plan on getting healthier and losing weight my goal to start with is 70 lbs, as I launch my full-time YouTube and blogging career and of course I’ll be driving from the UK across 46 countries to raise money for charity and break a Guinness World Record in a converted van and ticking off my bucket list at the same time.

I own another blog called Outside The Bubble UK which also covers Travel, Entertainment, and food which I class as more of my magazine style blog, but I felt that One Epic Road Trip is a different brand entirely as it mainly focuses on my travel adventures and my lifestyle, I love both blogs equally and hope that you will take a look at Outside The Bubble UK (this blog is currently down for maintenance).

I am an Entertainer by profession and have been since I was a teenager, I have worked across the UK, Mallorca, and Greece on various holiday resorts as well as on ships. I love to travel and get excited about being creative through entertainment, filmmaking and writing as these are my passions and it’s what truly makes me happy in life and I would like to share that passion with all of you.