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Top 5 Travel YouTubers that inspired me to become a YouTuber

By Posted on 2 4 m read

I first started blogging at the end of December 2015 whilst working abroad and I was quite happy to stay writing on my other blog Outside the Bubble UK which I still write on even now, but as more and more media influencers pop up on the scene as an influencer I had to start looking for other ways to reach out to my audience and gain an even bigger audience. During this year (2017) as I started planning and preparing for my epic road trip which I will be starting in 2018, I started watching YouTube and I soon discovered a whole new breed of Travel bloggers who have visually gained their viewers attentions through film making and allowing us to see their personality and passion for their adventures and I soon became hooked and inspired and I have slowly started to move over to becoming a Travel YouTuber myself through my One Epic Road Trip Brand, which will allow me to incorporate my passion for film making, entertaining and travel. I have written this post today so that I may share with you my top 5 travel YouTubers who have inspired me to follow my dreams as well as taught me a lot about Vlogging and I hope will inspire you the way they have inspired me.

Lost Le Blanc

Lost Le Blanc is a channel owned by YouTuber Christian Le Blanc, who gave up his 9-5 corporate job in Canada to travel throughout South East Asia, he started blogging with a GoPro and has since moved on to bigger and better equipment and his videos are simply breathtaking and really make you want to travel to each of the locations in his videos.

What you can learn from Lost Le Blanc

For anyone wanting to take travel Vlogging seriously but don’t know where to start, then this is the guy to learn from; he has videos that will run you through the best equipment to purchase and how you can use them.

To check out more videos by Lost Le Blanc (click here)

Hey Nadine

Hey, Nadine is another Canadian travel vlogger who has literally been everywhere, she not only films her travel adventures, but she also provides great travel tips and hacks on a weekly basis. Nadine has been YouTubing since forever and is probably one of the most experienced Travel YouTubers on this list.

What You Can Learn from Nadine

Nadine has now created her very own course for budding Travel YouTubers which you can get access to by clicking on the link (click here). It covers everything from filming, talking in front of the camera and much more…

You can also check her channel out by clicking (here).

Will Dasovich

Will Dasovich has probably got one of the best personalities on YouTube and you can’t help but like him, he is half American and Phillipeano and the founder of the Vlog Squad and is one of the biggest Vloggers in the Philippians to date and has got his whole family into Vlogging. During 2017 Will was facing a battle with stage 3 cancer and he shared what he is going through on his YouTube Channel so please subscribe as this guy is so inspiring by clicking (Here)

What You Can Learn from Will

Will is a great person to learn from when it comes to being in front of the camera as he is so natural it’s like being face to face with Will talking to you. He has a playlist of how to become a YouTuber on his channel so it’s worth watching.

Hayley Dasovich

Another member of the Vlog squad is Hayley Dasovish who is also Will Dasovich’s sister, she gave up her job in San Fransico and moved to the Philippians to become a full-time and YouTuber and those that follow her have really seen how she went from appearing in Will’s vlogs to really come into her own and how much her confidence and video making has come along way and she has built her own style.

What You Can Learn From Hayley

Hayley like Will is very natural in front of the camera although she classes herself as a travel vlogger I would say she is probably a lifestyle and travel vlogger and is very talented with getting whoever she is with to vlog with her even if it’s their first time.

Check out her Vlog (Here)

Daniel Marsh

Daniel Marsh is the third member of the Vlog Squad on this list and is a half Irish and half Philippino vlogger, who created a life for himself within the Philipeans got his own TV show with his friends when that ended, got into Vlogging where he became apart of the Vlog squad.

What You Can Learn from Daniel

Daniel Marsh is literally the king of montages and if you wanna know what it takes to make some amazing montages then watch his work and take notes for inspiration.

Check his channel out (click here)

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  • five little doves
    November 17, 2017

    I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to YouTube. I need to make more of an effort with it and starting by watching more YouTubers. Ill check them out!

    • ljlegend
      February 25, 2018

      It’s only because I have started to move towards YouTube lately to include as a little extra for my blog that I have found myself interesting in following these guys.

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