At the minute I am a professional entertainer, social media manager and once I set off on my Epic Road Trip I will be a full-time blogger, YouTuber and videographer, in which I will make a living working with brands and Tourism Boards as well as take on freelance film, photography, journalism and influencer projects on.

When Are You Setting off on Your Big Trip?

I plan to be travelling by the third or fourth week of February 2018 as is this makes for a better weather in some of the earlier destinations I will be heading and I am also doing an important project at the beginning of February 2018.

How Will The Charities That You are Raising Money for Receiving Their Money?

I will not be accepting any sponsorship money in cash as I would rather all money be accounted for to avoid anyone questioning of my honesty, so instead, anyone who wishes to sponsor those charities that I am raising money for can do so on the Just Giving Page that I will be setting up for January 2018.

How Are You Funding Your Trip?

I will be funding my trip through my own funds at present but would be willing to work with corporate sponsors either through money or much-needed equipment that is needed for the trip. ( You can find out how to become a corporate sponsor by clicking here)